McMinnville, Oregon, USA, May 11, 1950 Aboriginal cave paintings more than 5000 years old, Australia Ice Age nano-technology in the Urals ?

 Today, our world is at the crossroad of several possible ways for its near future.
As we speak, Humanity faces such attacks, such torments, that it is absolutely necessary to find a way out of this situation in order to prevent from happening something even worst.
 At all times, we try to temper the forces of nature in order to modify and shape our environment to our own advantage. Fully inked in human nature, this attitude is commendable as soon as alongside with material footprints we leave, we also make every effort to develop our cognitive activity so that a balance could be established between the development of the market society and the human society.
 After millions of years of evolution on the surface of this planet the Earth, the situation is terrible:

 We are now more than seven billion people (10 billion by 2050 ...) who tomorrow will come and claim even more energy for their comfort and progress. But in reality, putting aside fossil fuels (such us coal, gas and oil) that will disappear in 200, 65 and 40 years respectively, the question is: Where will we find it?!

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