Trinidad 16/01/1958 Aboriginal cave paintings more than 5000 years old, Australia Ice Age nano-technology in the Urals ?

 This is addressed to any individual, groups of people, business, company or group of companies and businesses, having at the same time the financial means to invest in fundamental research, but additionally having, above all, the spirit of enterprise, the spirit to undertake ventures that are off the beaten path, there where the multitude think that one mustn’t venture, one mustn’t engage in, for fear of becoming lost.

 The world could not take form and will only go towards its destiny with projects of this scale which; even if they seem to go against the mainstream, hold at their center, an immense potential which today or tomorrow could change the face of the known world.

This unique project is to all you entrepreneurs of the world, your acts and engagements modify and model each second that passes the future of humanity.

 To undertake, it is to be original, innovative, and adventurous, to work and think beyond established theories in order, thanks to such a project as the Phenix Project, to actively work for the profound and positive change for Humanity.

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