Yungay, Pérou, 22 mars 1967 Colfax, USA, 19 avril 1978 Ile de Vancouver, Colombie Britannique, 8 octobre 1981

 In January 2011, the 5th Annual Forum "Global Competitiveness" was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. For the first time ever, the entire global market society has opened a conference and discussion entitled "Contact: Learning from Outer Space". This shows the importance and strategic stake of the UFO case, especially in regard to the search for new forms and sources of energy!

 Inspired by these scientific and geopolitical advances, the Phenix Project, an entirely private foundation, proposes in collaboration with its investors an entirely new approach of SETI work – concentrating its efforts on the surface of the globe combining the SETV (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Visitation) methodology with a SETA (Search for Extraterrestrial Artifact) program.
 More precisely the Phenix Project mission is to complement traditional SETI researches with archaeological and geological search for artifacts, and laboratory researches aiming at developing new theories, new fundamental concepts applied in high-energy physics, directly linked to UFO case studies, and particular on its power stoke systems.

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