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 This innovative and proactive SETAV (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Artifact and Visitation) program closely linked to existing UFO researches gives to the Phenix Project’s a pluridisciplinary vision and leads it to totally new and unexpected discoveries with great relevance to the scientific, industrial, economic and political communities.

 This new scientific direction, called archaeoastronomy, related to retro-intellectualization and reverse engineering, makes the Phenix Project a truly innovative program that completes perfectly the existing worldwide SETI research structures, thanks to a double proactive action in laboratory and on the ground. The project has solid bases in research of an intelligent extraterrestrial live and understanding of what this intelligence can bring to the whole humanity in terms of a profound change of systems and structures for a new way of evolution!

 The Foundation will be based, once operating smoothly, on 30 specialized departments UMR’s (Mixed Research Units), and headed by several laboratories. To start with, we will use a minimum of 5-30 permanent staff consisting of scientists, engineers, technicians, investigators etc. all full-time with long-term contracts, in order to be able to succeed in this research of new sources of energy shown by UFO’s propulsion.

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