Serge Tinland Serge Tinland Serge Tinland
Serge Tinland
Founder of the  "Phenix Project"

 French, 60 years old, upper-level technician in deep sea diving training and advisor in aeronautical training for the last 14 years for the French government (National School System then CCINCA (Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Nice Côte d’Azur [Chamber of Commerce on the French Riviera]) my references can be found at the end of this file). My innate curiosity as well as my spirit of adventure and enterprise, has always carried me forward, off the beaten path, in search of answers to the questions that mankind does not stop asking.

 After 48 years of prior studies on the UFO and EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity), I am convinced that it is necessary and urgent for Humanity to be able to shed light upon these cases, to see facts, study evidences and so, to be able at last to go ahead, find new ways and take new steps in its evolution.

 My exiting and singular scientific, human and technological experiences as well as my knowledge of the UFO cases and numerous personal studies allow me to address myself to you: investors, sponsors, donator and open-minded and adventurous people, to ask you to participate in this and highly strategic project for the mankind : THE PHENIX PROJECT

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