Arizona, USA, July 7, 1947 Aboriginal cave paintings more than 5000 years old, Australia Strange spheres in South Africa, 2.8 billion years old

 Since the beginning of the 19th century, hydrocarbons have greatly contributed to the development and evolution of human and market societies. Even if used in small quantities, the oil provides enough energy to rotate car engines and make machinery function. Natural gas always associated with oil in the oil fields, is also a high-energy fuel.
 However, the growing dependence of modern and emerging societies on oil and gas has now become one of the biggest challenges we have to face, in addition to ensuring a universal access to food and water as well as health issues.

 Facing the depletion of existing hydrocarbon deposits and the need to fight against the global warming as well as against others evils that knock in our doors, solutions must be found as soon as possible, within 10 to 30 years. We can, for example, use the available energy more efficiently and use more renewable energy sources, in addition to hydrocarbons. It is a beginning, but absolutely not sufficient, both in its effectiveness for human society in its profitability for the market society.

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