Lake Chauvet, France,  July 18, 1952 UFO - USA-1929 UFO - USA-1929

 There is another alternative for humanity and for the entire planet to face this challenge of future energy !

    • The answer to this issue for both parties, human society and the global market society has always been just in front of us, in a folder that all mankind is aware of, but not yet aware of the global strategic importance of this :

                    The UFO (unidentified flying object) case !

      Why ?

    • Because the science that is involved in the energy production necessary for extraordinaire aerodynamic performances of these “objects” exceeds anything we “officially” know today on the Earth.

    • And it is this science that we need for the development of the new forms and sources of energy in order to allow a radical change in the current paradigm in all areas of the human market society !

 By studying UFOs, we explore incredible and unimaginable opportunities for the future of our Planet.

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