Jivaro with mysterious tattoos, Ecuador, 1976 Cueva de los Tayos, Ecuador, 1975 Hieroglyphics, Ecuador, 1975
                    MISSIONS IN PREPARATION


The already programmed missions in 2009 and 2023 are still on the list of the 19 missions planed by the Phenix Project team because of the lack of finance.
These missions will have three different stages: first of all it is “in the field” studies of artifact traces that can lead us directly to the theoretical modeling of the propulsion systems used by UFOs and OANIs (Unidentified Aquatic Object). In the second stage, it is the practical application of new-found energy in industrial field that will allow, in the third stage, to prepare the major transition from fossil fuel for that the new energy could be commonly used worldwide.


a) Ecuador : On the trail of our origins

« Ecuador 2009 / 2010 : On the trail of our origins (.pdf) »

« Film "Chariots of the Gods" directed by HARALD REINL 1970 »

b) Solomon Islands : On the trail of « Giants » of the Earth

c) Himalaya : « Kongka La » on the trail of underground bases